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Our mission is to resolve your Aruba tax challenges proficiently and efficiently.

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You Are Our Priority

With more than 50 years of combined experience, and thousands of hours spent resolving tax challenges, we are prepared and ready to be at your service.

– Acoustics of Ancient Chinese Bells*

In 1978 a set of Chinese bronze chime bells, large enough to occupy the entire stage of a modern recital hall, was unearthed in Hubei Province in southern China. The chime, which dates from the fifth century B.C., consists of 65 bells encompassing five octaves — a range greater than that of most contemporary instruments. A filigree of gold-inlaid inscriptions on the bells and their frame documents the existence of an elaborate theory of music that specified the design, scales and instrumentation of ancient orchestras. This record and recent investigations of the chime itself have prompted a complete rewriting of the history of acoustics.*

* © 1987 Scientific American, a division of Nature America, Inc.

The name “Tchong” means bell in Chinese. We pay tribute to that revolutionary bell associated with our name through the sophistication of our guidance and advice.

Primary Practice Areas

Corporate Income Tax

Should you incorporate a company to acquire your real property or business in Aruba? Should you use a foreign or domestic corporation? How will you become tax compliant? What permits and licenses do you need? How do you open a bank account? What are the challenges, what are the pitfalls? Our tax lawyers specialize in inbound and outbound, direct and indirect investments focused on the international aspects.

Personal Income Tax

Can you hold your real property or business investment directly or is it advisable to hold it through a corporation? Should you hold that corporation directly or indirectly? What requirements do you have to meet to acquire a so-called “renteniers” permit? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the “renteniers” permit? What pre-immigration planning and steps should you undertake before moving to Aruba? Our tax lawyers assist you in answering these questions.

Property-Related Taxes

To what taxes will you be exposed if you own real property in Aruba? How should you minimize your exposure? Our tax lawyers assist you in answering these questions.

Need A Tax Lawyer?

Our partners are available to consult on your tax matters. Do get in touch today.

Our Partners

John Tchong

John earned his master’s degree at the University of Tilburg. During his studies, he worked as tax advisor at Stichting de Ombudsman in Hilversum in the Netherlands.

After graduating, John worked for various government entities, including as tax inspector in Tilburg, and as Netherlands Antilles tax inspector based in nearby Curaçao. He successfully rose to the position of chief tax inspector of Aruba. Returning to the Netherlands, John worked in the international tax practice of Loyens & Volkmaars, now Loyens & Loeff, based in their Amsterdam and Hong Kong offices. Upon his return to Aruba, he became head of the in-house law office of the government of Aruba.

Subsequently appointed executive director of the Central Bank of Aruba, John studied monetary and macroeconomics at the University of Groningen and received economist training at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, D.C. After leaving the Central Bank of Aruba and before launching Tchong Tax Law, he was a partner of the law firm Croes Wever Tchong from 1995 to 2016 where he built up a successful tax practice.

Ronald Tchong

Ron, also a graduate of the University of Tilburg, spent 17 years as director of the Aruba Tax and Customs Administration where he developed and implemented a strategic management plan tor the tax and customs administration; created a coordinated, goal-oriented administration that organized diverse tax and customs division into a cohesive, tax-payer-focused unit; and designed and developed an Integrated Automated Tax and Customs System.

He was a founding member of the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council.

In addition, Ron was a member of the Consultative Council of Aruba; and a consultant for Berenschot in the build-up of Sint Maarten’s 2010 change of status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Off-Counsel at the law firm of Croes Wever Tchong before joining his brother John.

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