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Facial Rejuvenation

K-Beauty: DeepSkin Anti-Aging Mask

If you drive a Kia, own a Samsung TV, smartphone or perhaps a refrigerator too, you’re well on your way to living ”Gangnam Style.” The Korean invasion doesn’t stop there. You’re going to hear a lot more about “K-Beauty,”...

High Definition Makeup

The Digital Lifestyle Ubertrend is affecting cosmetics. High definition makeup has captured the imagination of consumers because it promises to withstand the microscopic scrutiny of HDTV.

Facial Rejuvenation

The facial rejuvenation market is shifting to less invasive and safer procedures, driven by the dermal filler and botox markets — advances that are nothing short of breathtaking, if not wrinkle reducing.


Botox is the world’s most popular facial rejuvenation procedure with more than 3 million performed each year. Pricing for a treatment to battle crows feet costs about $182 on average in the U.S.


When the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved Botox for cosmetic use in 2002, it helped launch a cultural...

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