Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Jun 20, 2017

Sphero, best known for its two-year-old BB-8 gadget made famous by The Force Awakens, is launching an innovative remote car. Ultimate Lightning McQueen ($300) is another result of Sphero’s collaboration with Disney and is based on the main Cars movie character.

Ultimate Lightning McQueen is remotely controlled via Bluetooth and an iOS or Android app. It races around up to 6 mph and will even drift like in the movie. It speaks up now and then, offering advice or reminders, and when watching a Cars movie, it’ll make comments throughout.

Those abilities feature impressive robotic tricks, including a moving, soft rubber mouth and expressive LCD eyes. Ultimate Lightning McQueen has a 30-foot range and should last about 40 minutes on its batteries.

Sphero • 4772 Walnut St. • Boulder CO 80301