ATSC 3.0 — Joining the Over-the-Air 4K/HDR Revolution

In 2020, more than 6 million U.S. households cancelled their pay TV package, bringing the total number of “cord-cutter” households to 31.2 million. Meanwhile, the latest generation of televisions boast a new technology, called ATSC 3.0, which has the potential to revolutionize TV consumption.

A MemeStock Is Born

It was a fight of the common investor against hedge-fund cronies. A collision of the real and virtual world, blurred beyond recognition. In one corner were “Jokerfied, pandemic-bored Redditors” moving market for lulz (laughs), seizing an opportunity to make millions off GameStop, a company that sells physical copies of video games next to Auntie Anne’s pretzel shops in dying malls.

Eye of the Storm: Fraunhofer’s New H.266 VVC Compression Codec

Data compression technology is rapidly advancing spawning more efficient algorithms, such as Fraunhofer’s new H.266 VVC codec, which help to speed up data transmission. Codecs lie in the eye of the Time Compression storm, helping accelerate life.

The Retail Apocalypse Is Turning Shopping Malls into “Grayfields”

The retail apocalypse continues unabated, leading to 45,000 store closures since 2007, and is now accelerating due to the pandemic, leading to deserted malls, called “grayfields.”

A MemeStock Is Born

It was a fight of the common investor against hedge-fund cronies. A collision of the real and virtual world, blurred...

Time Compression

Everything is going faster these days. Life has become a blur, a trend magnified by an influx of technology that helps...

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Coffee Market

Between 1996 and 2016, the global coffee market more than doubled from $30 billion to $81 billion. Here are some...

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Rodney King’s 1991 beating was a watershed moment in modern history. Not only was it groundbreaking because police...

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When the Zenith Space Command remote control went into production in 1956, few could have predicted that this...

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CES 2014 Trends

CES has become U.S.’ default technology show where marketers from all walks of life preview new technology trends for...

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In 1939, Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter offered a new twist on innovation, defining invention as an expression...

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NFTs have taken digital art and collectibles by storm. NFTs are tokens used to represent ownership of unique items,...

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Smiley Talk

Conversing via electronic means has exploded in the past decades. In 2008, 11 billion text messages were sent each day...

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GPS Navigation

Earlier this year, a British man nearly plunged off a cliff when the GPS navigation device he was following told him...

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Next week, some 40,000 people will trek to Miami Beach to attend the Winter Music Conference — a gathering for DJs,...

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Sexing Up Water

The news must have hit the water industry like a neutron bomb. Two University of Pennsylvania professors, Dr. Stanley...

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