USPS Postal Truck — The Crucible of Electrification?

A few weeks ago, the U.S. government outlined a plan to replace its fleet of cars and trucks with electric vehicles assembled in the U.S., part of a new “Buy America” initiative. Using the government’s purchasing power to buy zero-emissions vehicles would help speed the transition away from gasoline-powered cars and ultimately lead to 1 million new jobs in the American automobile industry.

M1 — A New Apple Silicon and Application Standard

In November, Apple took the computer world by surprise, launching a new RISC-based computer chip, dubbed “Apple Silicon,” that set new performance and compatibility standards. Using the same microprocessor architecture Apple developed for the iPhone, the M1 MacBook and MacBook Air run cool and boast long battery life, all very desirable computer features.

Wireless Entertainment: KEF LS50 Wireless II

For years, consumer electronics companies have been pursuing the holy grail of home entertainment, the ability to provide music and video without the encumbrances of wires or tethers. It’s still largely a dream, of course, as long as we have to connect gear to AC or mains wires for electric power, but advances are progressing in the right direction.

Paper-based Covid-19 Test Could Solve Need for Quick, Inexpensive Testing

Several startups are working on innovative technology that offers simple and inexpensive paper-strip Covid-19 tests that can be used at home by consumers, much like a pregnancy test.

Delivery Drones

In April, Alphabet’s Wing became the first drone delivery company to gain Federal Aviation Administration approval to...

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Panic Playdate

Panic, a 20-year-old Mac software company, has made a major splash announcing its first hardware device. Playdate is a...

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As you may have read, microcurrent innovation is all the rage in health and beauty. If you’re wondering when the...

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In 1971, U.S. Congress halted federal funding of a next-generation supersonic transport, dubbed the “SST.”...

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In 1982, Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell ignited the boutique hotel trend with the opening of Morgans on Madison Avenue,...

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Apple Watch

The “wearables” field was already on fire when Apple threw its hat into the ring in 2015. In classic Apple fashion,...

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Airbnb has ushered in the concept of “home optimization,” offering homeowners the same opportunity to boost cash flow...

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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is a visionary man. His Starbucks vision has catapulted the company to the exalted...

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